Annual Award and Past Winners

Congratulations to Jean Fox, our 2023 DC-AAPOR Outstanding Achievement Award Winner

Jean is recognized for her outstanding research contributions and public service to the federal statistical community, and service in mentoring others. Jean is a Research Psychologist in the Office of Survey Methods Research at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jean has made significant contributions over her 25 years of service to the User Experience community and to furthering innovations in customer experience for BLS programs. Jean is widely recognized as a leader in user experience research, having served as chair of the federal government’s UX Community of Practice. Jean has also served as chair of FedCASIC for several years and continues to mentor federal employees through the UX Community of Practice, and the Government UX Mentorship Team and continues to actively contribute to these groups.

Nomination Process for DC-AAPOR Annual Outstanding Achievement Award

The Annual Outstanding Achievement Award is intended to recognize local members of the Baltimore-Washington area research community, who have (a) made an outstanding contribution to the theory, methods, or applications of survey research, public opinion research, market research, or other related fields, or (b) substantially contributed to the vitality, strength, and spirit of the local research community.

a) Nomination Process
To nominate someone for the award, please send an electronic copy of your nomination to

In your nomination, please be sure to include:

  • The nominee’s name, affiliation, and contact information
  • Your name, affiliation, and contact information
  • A brief description of how the nominee exemplifies the award criteria as outlined above

You will receive confirmation that your nomination has been received.

Nominations for the 2023 award were due November 15, 2023. Stayed tuned for information on 2024 nominations.

b) Eligibility
Eligibility is open to all Baltimore-Washington area members of the research community. However, only members of DC-AAPOR are eligible to submit nominations. To become a member, please visit the DC-AAPOR website at

c) Selection Process
The DC-AAPOR Executive Council will select the winner by a majority vote of the Executive Council and Past President.

d) Award
The winner will be recognized with a commemorative plaque and an honorary lifetime membership in DC-AAPOR. The award will be announced at the DC-AAPOR Annual Holiday Party.

e) Past Recipients
The past Annual Outstanding Achievement Award winners are:

  • Jennifer Hunter Childs (2022)
  • Brad Edwards (2021)
  • Jennifer Edgar (2020)
  • Polly Phipps (2019)
  • Jaki S. McCarthy (2018)
  • Eileen O’Brien (2017)
  • Stephen Blumberg (2016)
  • Brian Harris-Kojetin (2015)
  • Gordon Willis (2014)
  • Nancy Bates (2013)
  • Stanley Presser (2012)
  • Adam Safir (2011)
  • Clyde Tucker (2010)
  • Scott Keeter (2009)
  • Jennifer Rothgeb and Robie Sangster (2008)
  • Helen Crossley (2007)

Previous DC-AAPOR members honored with lifetime membership, although not as part of the Annual Award, include Karol Krotki, Bill Nicholls, and Bernard Roshco.