Chapter History

From “A Meeting Place: The History of The American Association for Public Opinion Research”, edited by Paul B. Sheatsley and Warren J. Mitofsky:

“The oldest regional group of AAPOR members to have local meetings is in the Washington-Baltimore area, where they began in the early 1950s, shortly after AAPOR was founded. In April 1953 Martin Kriesberg wrote to then-President Archibald Crossley requesting a charter for a D.C. chapter. Presumably because national AAPOR as yet had no provisions for local chapters, no charter was granted, but the group continued to meet on an informal basis for the next twenty years. It surged up and down in enthusiasm and membership, was “reactivated” in 1966, and finally, in the mid-1970s, ratified formal by-laws acceptable to the Council, which in 1977 proudly welcomed its “newest” member!

In its early years, Washington chapter meetings were held in the evenings, often at the Brookings Institution. With so many members living in suburbia, however, luncheon meetings attracted larger groups and they are now the established forum. Meetings usually include a preliminary get-together, a speaker, and a question period. Topics range widely, covering such things as current political attitudes, social programs, communications, methodology and potential or existing government regulations. Largest attendance was the Foreign Service club in 1978, when former AAPOR Presidents George Gallup and Archibald Crossley, invited as co-speakers to reminisce on the beginnings of public opinion research, passed lightly over their assigned topic and proceeded instead to discuss potential future directions.

The chapter had no formal dues for many years, expenses being met by tacking on a small fee to the luncheon price. In the mid-1980s, however, with rises in both postage and meal costs, an annual mailing fee of $3 was instituted.

Presidents of the chapter from its formalization through 1986 were Frank Bourne, Helen Crossley, John Martin, Hugh Parry, Tad Cantril, Ken Adler, Doris Northrup (Krug), John Robinson, Bernard Roshco, Betsy Martin, and Clyde Tucker.”

Executive Councils Through the Years

Term StartingPresidentSecretaryTreasurerProgram Chair
1/1/2023Doug WilliamsSarah GradyElizabeth NicholsShelly Feuer
1/1/2022Patti GoermanJonathan KatzElizabeth PetragliaMartha McRoy
1/1/2021Andrew ZukerbergAlexandra CastilloMahi MegraNatalie Jackson
1/1/2020Cameron McPheeAleia Clark FobiaKen PickKyley McGeeney
1/1/2019David KashiharaRenee SteplerReanne TownsendHanyu Sun
1/1/2018Heather RidolfoStephanie WillsonAnna BrownDoug Williams
1/1/2017Scott FrickerJessica HolzbergRebecca MedwayPaul Scanlon
1/1/2016Gina WalejkoAshley AmayaPatricia GoermanStephanie Eckman
1/1/2015Morgan EarpCasey TesfayeRobin KaplanCarl Ramirez
1/1/2014Kathy Downey PiscopoMelissa MitchellMarilyn WorthyScott Fricker
1/1/2013Jennifer Romano BergstromHeather RidolfoJill LaceyGina Walejko
1/1/2012Stephen BlumbergWendy HicksSarah DipkoMorgan Earp
1/1/2011Grace O’NeillJennifer RomanoRobin GentryMatthew Jans
1/1/2010Ryan HubbardJennifer AgiestaAnna FleemanScott Clement
1/1/2009Paul SchroederAndy ZukerbergJohn FriesKathryn Downey
1/1/2008Eileen O’BrienTim TriplettMichael LemayPaul Guerino
1/1/2007Adam SafirJennifer BeckAaron MaitlandRyan Hubbard
1/1/2006John BoyleJennifer Hunter ChildsPaul SchroederPeyton Craighill
1/1/2005Carl RamirezGrace O’NeillBeth WebbRobie Sangster
1/1/2004Paul BeattyDiane WillimackMichael CohenEileen O’Brien
1/1/2003Dawn V. NelsonJim CaplanAdam SafirJoy Sharp
1/1/2001Claudia DeaneTerry DeMaioKaren GoldenbergSylvia Fisher
6/1/2001Rob SantosAudrey KindlonCarolyn ShettleSylvia Fisher
6/1/2000Rob SantosAudrey KindlonCarolyn Shettle
12/1/1999Karol KrotkiAudrey KindlonCarolyn Shettle
6/1/1998Rob SimmonsCarolyn Shettle
6/1/1997Chuck CowanNancy Bates
6/1/1996Brad EdwardsJack Katosh
6/1/1995Maria Elena SanchezJack Katosh
6/1/1994Barbara SmelaJack Katosh
6/1/1993Fran FeatherstonJack Katosh
6/1/1992Sharon WardenJack Katosh
6/1/1991Becky QuarlesJack Katosh
6/1/1990Al RichmanJack Katosh
6/1/1989Ken JohnJack Katosh
6/1/1988Terry DeMaio
6/1/1987Stan Presser
6/1/1986Clyde Tucker
6/1/1985Betsy Martin
6/1/1984Bernard Roshco
6/1/1983John Robinson
6/1/1982Doris Northrup (Krug)
6/1/1981Ken Adler
6/1/1980Tad Cantril
6/1/1979Hugh Parry
6/1/1978John Martin
6/1/1977Helen Crossley
1/1/1977Frank Bourne

Note: The list of past executive councils has been compiled from a variety of sources. Please contact us with any corrections, or even better, additions!