Call for 2023/2024 Council Nominations

DC-AAPOR is seeking nominations for the 2023/2024 Executive Council. Serving on council is a great opportunity to shape the future of our chapter.

The council is comprised of four elected positions:

–2023 Vice President / 2024 President / 2025 Past President
–2023 Associate Secretary & Membership Chair / 2024 Secretary & Membership Chair
–2023 Associate Treasurer / 2024 Treasurer
–2023 Associate Program Chair / 2024 Program Chair

Those elected to the DC-AAPOR Executive Council in May will serve for the remainder of 2023 as vice / associate and assume the responsibilities of the President, Secretary & Membership Chair, Treasurer, and Program Chair in 2024. The President will also serve on Council as Past President in 2025. Descriptions of these roles can be found in our bylaws:


In addition to the elected positions, Council is supported by a volunteer Councilor at Large, Web Administrator, Program Committee and Diversity Committee.

Currently, only members of DC-AAPOR and AAPOR (or people willing to join both) are eligible to serve as officers.

Please send your nominations to Patti Goerman at by Thursday, February 28, 2023. A current DC-AAPOR Executive Council member will follow up with the nominees and ask for a brief biographical sketch.

Like AAPOR, DC-AAPOR seeks to nurture a culture of diversity and inclusion. The AAPOR Statement on Diversity and Inclusion can be found here:

AAPOR Diversity and Inclusion

Thank you for helping to keep DC-AAPOR an active and successful chapter!