DC-AAPOR 2010 POQ Special Issue Workshop:  Understanding Presidential Elections


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Opening Remarks

D. Sunshine Hillygus

Racial Attitudes

Change or More of the Same? Evaluating Racial Attitudes in the Obama Era

Vincent L. Hutchings

Determinants of Turnout and Candidate Choice in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election: Illuminating the Impact of Racial Prejudice and Other Considerations

Josh Pasek


Trevor Tompson

Cell Phones and Poll Performance

Cell-Phone-Only Voters in the 2008 Exit Poll and Implications for Future Noncoverage Bias

Michael Mokrzycki

Forecasting Elections: Comparing Prediction Markets, Polls, and Their Biases [updated paper]

David Rothschild

The Dynamics of Poll Performance during the 2008 Presidential Nomination Contest

Michael W. Traugott


Nancy Mathiowetz

Voter Turnout

Winning the Race: Black Voter Turnout in the 2008 Presidential Election

Tasha S. Philpot

Did Obama’s Ground Game Matter?  The Influence of Local Field Offices during the 2008 Presidential Election

Seth E. Masket


Michael McDonald

Closing Remarks

D. Sunshine Hillygus